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Earn a Criminal Justice Degree and Join a Growing Field

When you get a criminal justice degree, you will join one of the fastest growing fields in the United States.  The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) offers a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Criminal Justice as well as a Restorative Justice Certificate to help you get there.  GSU’s students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter careers in law enforcement, the legal profession, government, community-based organizations and education.  Our highly professional faculty has extensive experience in criminal justice, law enforcement, juvenile justice, social justice, corrections and research. Students develop a solid foundation in restorative and community-based approaches to crime and social problems.    

Quality Criminal Justice Degree and Restorative Justice Programs

In our undergraduate criminal justice degree program, students are presented with course work that includes a broad understanding of criminal law and the criminal justice system as well as practical, real-life experiences.  Students have the opportunity to further explore their chosen career path with a selection of three concentrations that include:  Law Enforcement and Security, Corrections and Punishment, and Community-based and Restorative Justice.  Throughout the program, students become familiar with the technology of law enforcement and learn to develop the necessary communication skills.  In addition students have internship opportunities that provide experience working in the field.

GSU also offers a Restorative Justice Certificate that takes a unique approach in responding to criminal offenses by utilizing collaborative, community-based or community-oriented techniques.  Unlike traditional judicial processing, restorative justice’s focus is more on victims, the community and wrongdoers and encourages offenders to take responsibility for their actions.  In our five-course program, students will acquire hands-on experience and develop skills in facilitation and mediation practices. 

For those interested in advancing their studies with a M.A. in Criminal Justice, our program promotes social and ethical responsibility in the community through real-world applications of problem-solving and leadership.  It is academically rigorous as well as practical with a focus on research, evaluation, data analysis, crime control and prevention, and organizational leadership.

For more information and complete requirements please see the Criminal Justice web pages.

We invite you to learn more about our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.  In every college we have stellar programs and gifted professors; all focused on delivering academic excellence in a small-class setting.  Contact an advisor for more information on how to join one of the fastest growing fields by getting a criminal justice degree.

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