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Computer Science Major – Discover GSU’s Excellent Program

Governors State University offers a computer science major and minor as well as several certificate programs and graduate degrees.  The College of Arts and Sciences’ challenging computer science program prepares students for technology based careers in business and industry, in government agencies, or in research and technical organizations.  With a growing demand for programmers, network professionals, systems designers, software engineers and database professionals, graduates will find a variety of job opportunities.

A Computer Science Major Opens Many Career Possibilities

A computer science major will study theory in the classroom and then gain practical experience in the computer lab.  Students will become specialists in a range of subjects from website creation to networking problems.  Also in order to gain real-world experience, they are given internships with the university, local businesses, and national research organizations.   

In addition GSU provides a solid foundation for those students who intend to go on to advanced graduate studies in computer science or related fields.  Course work includes Application Design, Project Development, Networks and Database Management, and Security.

Students planning to enter the field of information security, one of the fastest growing branches of the security field, can earn a Certificate in Information Security.  The program is open to undergraduate and graduate students that have a background in networking or operating systems and discrete mathematics.  Our computer science majors may enroll in the certificate program and earn elective credits toward their bachelor’s degree. 

We also offer a Certificate in Digital Forensics that deals with the threat of cybercrime and gives students theoretical and practical knowledge in digital forensics.  Digital forensics investigators recover, analyze and present data from computers for use in investigations or as evidence.  

Students who intend to enter careers that demand significant use of computers may want to consider a minor in Computer Science.  It is a good complement to many majors and will add to your marketable skills. Please see the Computer Science web pages for more information and complete requirements.

GSU invites you to explore our many degree, certificate and individual course offerings listed on our website.  In every college we have stellar programs and world-class professors; all focused on delivering academic excellence in a small-class setting.  Discover the possibilities that are open to a computer science major.

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