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Chemistry Graduate School – GSU’s M.S. in Analytical Chemistry

If you are looking for a chemistry graduate school, we are sure you will stop searching once you learn about our exceptional program.  Governors State’s Masters of Science in Analytical Chemistry provides students with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, a diverse   faculty and the resources to create a concise, cohesive and comprehensive course of study.  Students develop analytical techniques, study relationships and interactions and identify the presence and/or concentration of chemical species including: pesticides, environmental contaminants, drug and drug metabolites, disease bio markers and bio-pharmaceutical agents. As an analytical chemist, you will make qualitative and quantitative determinations about structure, composition and nature of materials by identifying and measuring their components. 

Chemistry Graduate School Offers a Broad Range of Study

Students with a graduate degree in chemistry will find jobs in laboratories, research institutions, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, colleges and universities, and more.  Another advantage to GSU’s exceptional chemistry graduate school is that we are centrally located in an area that has a high demand for chemists. The Bureau of Labor estimates job growth for chemists in Illinois will be three times higher than the national growth over the next several years.  Furthermore, not only is the demand for chemists greater but the median salary in 2008 was twice as high in Illinois than nationally.*

In preparation for admittance into the M.S. in Analytical Chemistry program, students must complete a series of courses (see GSU catalog details) with a grade of a “B” or better.  Students lacking one of the required courses or a “C” or less may be conditionally admitted until a course review is complete and placement exam requirements are satisfied.  The placement exams are in organic chemistry, physical chemistry,  and analytical chemistry.

Our graduate school chemistry program consists of a total of 36 hours.  As part of the program, students are given the choice of a thesis, project or internship that comprises 4 to 7 credit hours.  Please see our Division of Science Chemistry web page or GSU catalog for more information and complete course requirements. 

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections and the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Economic Information and Analysis Division and Illinois Wage Information.

At GSU we offer a wide variety of exceptional academic programs, activities and services.  In every college we have stellar programs and world-class professors; all focused on delivering academic excellence in a small-class setting.  If you are interested in graduate studies in chemistry, learn more about our M.S. in Analytical Chemistry program from an outstanding chemistry graduate school. 

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