Masters Degree in Biology

Masters Degree in Biology – Exceptional Program

Our Division of Science’s graduate programs offers a masters degree in Biology. The primary focus of this challenging program is the application of quantitative methods to the design of field and laboratory studies.  Students are presented course work that covers the spectrum of environmental biology with classes in toxicology, physiology, and ethology.  Courses will also explore population and community ecology and the applied aspects of all of these disciplines.  In addition GSU’s Masters in Environmental Biology program benefits from the unique location of our campus as it resides between urban and rural areas providing a setting of diverse complex environments for observation and study. 

Masters Degree in Biology – Advanced Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for environmental scientists are expected to increase over the next few years at a much faster rate than average for other occupations.  As such, our Master’s degree in Environmental Biology prepares graduates for work as naturalists in county, state and national land management agencies as well as to work in the private sector.  It is there that graduates find opportunities as restoration consultants, field scientists, environmental assessment specialists, laboratory scientists, or as professionals with regional planning agencies and no-profit organizations. Our Environmental Biology degree is also good preparation for those who intend to go on to advanced studies. 

Governors State’s students quickly discover the Masters in Environmental Biology is an exciting program with unique opportunities for internships with the wide range of agencies and organizations that surround the Chicago area.  Some of our students have interned at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the National Park Service, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Argonne National Laboratory.  Check with your department advisor for the complete list of available internships that are open to students in the masters in Environmental Biology program.   

All of our programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The university is also a member of the Illinois Council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs.

Please see the Division of Science Biology web pages for further information and requirements regarding all of our Biology programs.

At GSU we offer a wide variety of exceptional academic programs, activities and services.  In every college we have stellar programs and world-class professors; all focused on delivering academic excellence in a small-class setting.  We invite you to learn more about our graduate major in Environmental Biology program and the requirements involved to earn a master’s degree in biology.

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