Masters in Art

Masters in Art – Take Your Profession to the Next Level

At Governors State University, we have an exceptional program for students interested in taking their artistic expression to the next level by obtaining a Masters in Art degree.  Our challenging program offers students the choice of art history or art studio and emphasizes intellectual curiosity, self-discipline, and technical proficiency.  The M.A. in Art degree prepares you to become a practicing artist or for a stimulating career in the art world as a critic, curator, or professional educator.  Pursuing a Masters in Art at GSU offers students an opportunity to be taught by a group of talented, professional artists who understand the profession and mentor students to help attain their goals.  

GSU’s Masters in Art Offers an Art History or Studio Option

Our Masters in Art students have the chance to explore a variety of techniques and diverse materials with course work that includes painting, printmaking, photography, digital imaging, sculpture and ceramics.  Our classes in art history offer students the perspective of treating art objects as historical documents related in subject, style, technique, and material to other works of art and interpret their context and purpose.  We offer an excellent range of courses dealing with contemporary international and regional artistic expressions along with ancient America, Africa, and Asia.  

Students opting for the Masters in Art studio program will prepare a one-person exhibition that is from a consistent body of work in their area of interest.  The student will also prepare a written thesis to document the work as well as the development of it.

GSU also offers a M.A. in Art degree with a focus on art history.  Students choosing to take their artistic expression in this direction will prepare an art history thesis that consists of an analytical and historical approach to the study of a particular artist, art object, movement, or theme in the visual arts.  For complete information and requirements on our programs, check the Masters of Arts in Art web page.

Governors State University offers students outstanding academic programs, activities and services.  In every college we have stellar programs and world-class professors; all focused on delivering academic excellence in a small-class setting.  To prepare to become a practicing artist or for a career in the art world, we invite you to discover GSU’s high-quality programs for a Masters in Art.   

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