Phyllis R. Anderson Ph.D.

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Everything is Connected

In the College of Business and Public Administration our students receive classes in accounting, human resources, communications, manufacturing, finance, economics, marketing, and other areas of study. In my classes, students learn that all of the above individual courses must be integrated into a single integrated entity known as a business. No one of the individual functions can stand on its own. Everything is connected.

A business survives because it provides a product or service that someone needs, and is willing to purchase for a price. The price must be sufficient to pay the employees for their time and services, suppliers for raw materials, investors for their funding, with a little left over, called profit. Regardless of a student’s primary area of study, full recognition and cognizance of the importance and effects of this interconnectedness is crucial to the future success of our graduates.

My students often overcome significant hardships to further their education at Governors State University. Most of them hold down at least one job. Many of them have children ranging in age from newborn up to voting age and above. They all come to GSU because they wish to have a better life. My job is to help them achieve that. I enjoy and admire my students, and make them earn their grades.

Phyllis R. Anderson Met.E., MBA, Ph.D.

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