Jennifer Armstrong, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

  708-534-4593 ext. 4593
  Office Location: F 1413
  College: CHHS
  Communication Disorders


I am a speech-language pathologist of 13 years and a newly-tenured professor at GSU.  My primary areas of expertise are the prevention of communication disorders and child language disorders.

The most exciting part of my position at GSU is the opportunity to provide students with service learning experiences that emphasize the prevention of communication disorders in young children.  Communication disorders are among the most common disabilities in the U.S. (ASHA, 2008) Thus, it is imperative that we teach parents, educators and other professionals how to identify characteristics, as well as strategies to enrich the child’s speech, language and literacy skills.  I look forward to developing future service learning projects for graduate and undergraduate students. 

Presently my research examines the role of the early childhood educator as it concerns the ability to facilitate language and literacy strategies with their students.

Thus far, my most valuable community service experience has been teaching reading and communication skills to “returning citizens.”  Many of these individuals have not been a part of the academic environment for some time.  Hence a large part of their learning is related to life experiences rather than book knowledge.  While I can only hope that the student’s reading and communication skills improve from their participation in the course, I am certain that I have learned invaluable lessons of compassion, generosity, humility, and kindness through my experiences with them.




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