Dale Schuit, PT, Ph.D., MS, Associate Professor

  Associate Professor
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  College: CHHS
  Physical Therapy

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy, I appreciate the team-teaching approach to all courses in the department, which provides a very substantive and unique experience for both students and faculty.In every course, all students are exposed to the different perspectives of the various instructors, and are easily able to contact one of the members of the instruction team on short notice, if needed.The instructors also learn from the different perspectives of their course colleagues. This provides a very rich and stimulating learning environment. 

My academic background is as follows:  I have earned a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy Education from the Ohio State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy from St. Louis University.  I have been a practicing physical therapist for 37 years, and a full-time academician for 32 years.  My academic and clinical expertise is in the areas of kinesiology and musculoskeletal dysfunction, specifically patients with spinal, sacroiliac and foot/ankle problems.

My particular area of research interest is related to accurate measurement of spinal motion in various activities.I am fortunate to have numerous publications in the area of spinal dysfunction, and in the areas of gait mechanics and foot/ankle dysfunction.I have provided research and clinical presentations at international, national and local scientific meetings.

I also continue to see patients on a limited part-time basis (evening hours) at a local physical therapy practice.  Prior to my current position at Governors State University, I was formerly the Chair of the Physical Therapy Department at Rosalind Franklin University, and I have held full-time faculty appointments in physical therapy academic programs at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at Northwestern University. 

Community service involves service to the local community and to the professional organizations within the physical therapy profession.For the local community, my most recent memorable experience (which occurs on an annual basis) is participating as a volunteer in the Homer Glen Illinois School District 33 Family Fitness Fair (for elementary school students).The students are eager to participate in the various fitness tests (balance, flexibility, etc.) to find out their abilities; the parents are happy to have information on their child’s fitness level, as well as to obtain information on incorporating fitness ideas into the daily routine of their child. 

For the physical therapy professional community, I have served as a manuscript reviewer for a number of professional journals.  Through this volunteer work, I am able to offer critical appraisals of scholarly writing to authors of important research papers that have been submitted for publication.  In the past, I have also served as an elected representative to the Illinois Physical Therapy Association assembly, and an elected delegate to the American Physical Therapy Association House of Delegates.


 Current Research:

Dr. David Diers and I are completing the manuscript of our study on the Traditional and Modified Functional Reach Test to submit for publication.  My current research collaboration continues as the sole physical therapist with the spinal biomechanics team headed by Dr. Avinash Patwardhan at Hines VA Hospital and Loyola University, Maywood, IL, in regard to a detailed model of cervical spinal mechanics.  Ideas and concepts for future projects with faculty of the Department of Physical Therapy continue to be developed.

Peer Reviewed Publications: 

Schuit D., Diers D., Vendrely A.:  Group Project Presentation in a Kinesiology Course: A Novel Approach. Journal of Allied Health.  Published on-line: J Allied Health 2013; 42 (4), e1-e5; print publication to follow.

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Troke, M., Schuit D., Petersen, C.M.:  Inter-operator Reliability of Lumbar Spine Palpation, Lumbar Range of Motion, and Determination of Upright Lumbar Spinal Position.  BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders, 8:103, 2007.

Petersen, C.M., Johnson, R.D., Schuit, D.:  Reliability of Cervical Range of Motion Testing Using the OSI CA-6000 Spine Motion Analyzer On Subjects with Normal and Pathological Cervical Spines.  Manual Therapy, 5, 2000.

Schuit, D., Petersen, C.M., Johnson, R.D., Levine, P., Knecht, H.G., Goldberg, D.:  Validity and reliability of measures obtained from the OSI CA-6000 Spine Motion Analyzer for lumbar spinal motion.   Manual Therapy, 2 (4), 1997.

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