Biology Goes to Belize

January 13, 2014

When biology professor John Yunger and his students land in Belize, a whole new world opens up. If you grew up in Chicago or even a suburb, chances are you’ve never experienced an environment that is this diverse, both biologically and culturally.

“Belize is a place where the official language is English, but they speak Creole, Spanish, two dialects of Mayan and Garifuna. All in a country you can drive across in a day,” says Professor Yunger. There are ruins like Tikel, the one made famous in Star Wars, along with the world’s largest barrier reef and caves. “That’s where vampire bats have been captured,” he grins.

What do the students say about this program? “Many ask if they can go back,” says Professor Yunger.

The next program taking off for Belize will be spring semester. Biology students, be sure to look into study abroad scholarships that may be available.

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