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Interdisciplinary Leadership Ed.D
Alumni and Current Student Experiences

  • Larson-J

    Jeremy Larson, INLD doctoral student

    The GSU doctoral interdisciplinary program has equipped me to work with organizations and stakeholders throughout my community and region. When I began the program, I was under the strong assumption that K12 education administration should be a stand-alone program. As I am coming to an end on my program, I realize the impact working through an interdisciplinary approach has had on my communication and strategic planning. I value my experiences through this program because they strongly challenged my views on education. School leaders cannot work alone. We must work as community leaders.

  • Matthew-Cooney

    Dr. Matt Cooney, Assistant Professor in Higher Education Administration

    As a faculty member in the INLD Program, I work with students to co-create learning experiences that enhance their professional practice of leadership while simultaneously examining how their individual, group, and societal values impact how leadership manifests within various organizational contexts.

Meet Our Faculty

Meet Our Faculty

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Interdisciplinary Leadership Ed.D. Curriculum and Required Preparation

Interdisciplinary Leadership Ed.D. Curriculum and

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