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ASAC meets monthly. Sign up today or call Alumni Relations at 708.534.4128 for more information.

  • Meetings, Events and Workshops


    Addictions Studies Alumni Club meets monthly. They also host events such as the Annual Recovery walk and workshops to earn CEU credits.

    Upcoming Workshops:

    Adolescent Substance Abuse
    Saturday, June 14

    Presented by Khalid B. Scott, MSW, CADC, MISA I, LCWS, QMHP
     TASC, Inc. Recovery Coach Program

    • Educate on Adolescence and Addiction
    • Identification of top drugs of choice
    • Identification of drug use causes
    • Demonstrate that recovery is possible and even predictable
    • Substance Use Disorders
    • Review epidemiological data to illustrate the high rates of addiction issues/facts and their chronic nature
    • Summarize the results of recent efforts to increase early identification of addictions and treatments

    Drugs and Abuse in Criminal Justice
    Saturday, July 26

    Presented by Dr. Lester Brown
     CEO, Hole in the Soul Treatment Facility

    We’ll look at the new paradigm shift in policing which is "community policing" looking at drug use and abuse from a treatment perspective, working with treatment agencies to get the arrestee help. We’ll look more toward the disease model than the moral-legal model and cover the historical perspective of the way addicts were looked at from a Law Enforcement perspective, and how U.S. Drug Policy was driven by unfounded fears. Finally, we’ll look at how decriminalization, legalization and harm reduction  move toward a new paradigm shift in thinking.

    To register, return registration form or call 708-534-7892 to register by phone or for more information.


    Upcoming Event:


     3rd Annual Recovery Awareness Walk
    Saturday, September 20
    8:00 a.m. to Noon
    GSU Hall of Governors 


  • ASAC Scholarship


    ASAC raises funds for the Addiction Studies Alumni Club Scholarship, which they give to a GSU student studying addictions. To donate, call 708.534.7892.