Chemistry Degree

A Chemistry Degree Offers Exciting Career Options

A Governors State’s undergraduate or graduate chemistry degree can open up opportunities for many challenging and varying career paths.  For undergraduates pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, our program provides a strong background in the basic concepts of analytical, organic, physical, biochemistry and inorganic chemistry.  Courses are taught by diverse professors who bring a range of research interests into the classroom with topics such as photochemistry, photo oxidation, high performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites, mass spectrometry of peptide clusters, spectrophotometry of organic molecules, quantitative- nuclear magnetic resonance techniques (q-NMR), rationale design of cancer bio-pharmaceutical agents, high throughput in vitro diagnostic assays, medical imaging and development of targeted in vitro cancer imaging agents, live cell fluorescence imaging and development of targeted in vivo cancer imaging agents, organometallic chemistry and fullerene chemistry.

Students will develop the necessary skills for careers in government and industrial laboratories as well as for advanced graduate studies.

Chemistry Degree - Discover Our Exceptional Programs

GSU offers an outstanding undergraduate Chemistry degree program that includes a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and an optional  Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a Teacher Education Concentration.  Both tracks offer students technologically advanced laboratory courses with hands-on experience in a variety of modern scientific instruments.  

By providing a Chemistry Teacher Education Concentration, we are helping provide an opportunity for students to become highly qualified chemistry teachers, helping to meet a regional demand. The major will give you a strong foundation in the basic concepts of analytical, organic, physical, biochemical, and inorganic chemistry and prepare you for a fulfilling career as a science teacher at the secondary level.

To further enhance your credentials, students have the opportunity to qualify for certification from the American Chemical Society.  The certification requires completion of the program's degree requirements as well as an addition of at least 6 semester hours of advanced courses and a total of 500 laboratory hours. 

GSU’s chemistry degree prepares you for an exciting career in any number of science or science-related fields, including medicine, dentistry, education, environmental science, forensic science, pharmaceuticals and scientific writing.  Please see our Division of Science Chemistry web pages for all of the information and degree requirements.

At GSU we offer a wide variety of exceptional academic programs, activities and services.  In every college we have stellar programs and world-class professors; all focused on delivering academic excellence in a small-class setting.  Our Division of Science offers a range of high-quality programs for an undergraduate or graduate chemistry degree. 

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