The application and selection process for Peer Mentors at Governors State University is designed to recruit and select the most qualified, motivated and energetic students at the university.

Peer Mentors will be integrated into the First-Year Seminar (FYS 1001) course and will be recognized leaders throughout the University community.  They will serve as group leaders, contacts between various departments, peer educators and positive role models.   

Students in this leadership positions will be actively involved in assisting new students with their transition to GSU, whether it is from high school, the work force, the military or another institution of higher education. 

 Click here to access the Peer Mentor Application

 Reference Form (must submit 3)

 Application Packets must include:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Application (see link above)
  • 3 completed reference forms (see link above)

    Please submit complete application packets to:
    Academic Resource Center
    New Student Programs
    Attn: LaTonya Holmes
    Room B1215

     Qualifications for Peer Mentors

    The role requirements between the Peer Mentor and the FYE students may include assisting with study habits, time management, organization skills, work/life balance, peer pressure, and transitioning to college life.  Peer Mentors should organize study/discussion groups, on and off-campus activities, and emphasize university/community resources and involvement. 

    In order to be considered for the position of  Peer Mentor, applicants must: 

    • Understand and believe in the mission and goals of Governors State University and the Peer Mentor program.     
      • Relate and interact well with students, faculty and staff of Governors State University.
      • Be a full-time student for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015, have completed a minimum of one semester at GSU and must have and maintain a cumulative average of 2.5.
      • Have at least one year of recent successful and demonstrated leadership experience (college or university related).
      • Have college level written and oral communication skills.
      • Be a member of the Governors State University community in good standing and not be on disciplinary or academic probation.
      • Be, or demonstrate a desire to be, knowledgeable of Governors State University, its history, resources and be able to speak to groups of students.
      • Be available to participate in training sessions and perform all duties required for the position.
      • Demonstrate excellent communication and problem solving skills.
      • Be willing to work collaboratively with their FYS 1001 faculty, cohort advisor and support teams.

      Compensation for Peer Mentors

      • Each FYS Peer Mentor will receive hourly compensation not to exceed 25 hours per week in the fall and 15 hours per week in the Spring semester.  Students will be compensated for all required training activities.
      • Meals during training

      Time Commitment for Peer Mentors

      • Monday, July 28, 2014 through the end of Spring semester, May 10, 2015.
      • Participate in a training program prior to serving in this role.  Peer Mentors are also expected to support opening activities and events for FC14 Welcome Week.
      • Attend FYS 1001 twice a week (90 minutes each class period) and actively participate in providing instruction and leadership under the direction of the instructor of record.  Each peer mentor will be assigned a specific cohort.
      • Meet outside of the classroom with their faculty partner as needed.  Peer Mentors will help their faculty partner prepare classroom activities and course materials.  
      • Under the direction of the Cohort Advisor, sponsor academic, educational and social programs designed to support the personal and academic success of students in their FYS 1001 course.  In addition, FYS 1001 Peer mentors, individually or as a team, are expected to coordinate educational and service programs consistent with FYS 1001 Learning Outcomes and Cohort theme.
      • Interact with the students in their section outside of the classroom in order to provide support as necessary.

      Responsibilities for Peer Mentors

      • Serve as a role model for new students entering GSU.
      • Collaborate with and support the FYS faculty instructor by meeting on a regular basis.
      • Under the direction of faculty, actively participate in all FYS 1001 class meetings.
      • Contribute to the planning and facilitation of course materials as needed.
      • Create a plan for student contact outside of class (email, etc.).
      • Serve as “student success liaison” with Academic Support Team assigned to your cohort which includes representatives from the Library, Writing Center, Academic Resource Center, and others.
      • Meet with students individually or in small groups to provide personal and academic support.
      • Lead students in class activities and/or help coordinate out-of-class activities.
      • Help promote and develop positive relationships between new students, faculty, and staff.
      • Educate new students about social, academic, and personal skills to increase their chances for academic and personal success at Governors State University.
      • Attend August training session for Peer Mentors (July 28 – August 8, 2014).
      • Attend all FYS 1001 Class sessions (two 90 minute meetings per week for entire Fall 2014 semester).