Programs and Courses

The English as a Second Language Program at Governors State University is proud to be home to a diverse population with representation from countries around the globe. The ELC offers instruction in various areas of English language preparation:  

  • Intensive English as a Second Language Program for students with student visas 
  • Part-time English as a Second Language Program for students who are GSU international students, international faculty, staff and scholars, study abroad students and their families, community members 
  • Summer Special Program for Foreign University Faculty 
  • Private tutoring 
  • TOEFL Test Preparation seminar 


  • Intensive ESL Program


     The Intensive ESL Program’s curriculum is designed and taught by professional faculty to prepare students academically, socially, and culturally for success as university students.

     Course offerings include:  

    • Four levels of academic instruction
    • Core courses: Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing, Multimodal literacy, Campus Seminar, Language Lab
    • Elective courses: TOEFL test preparation, Pronunciation, Cross- cultural Context (*Electives will be offered based on student enrollment.)
      We offer beginning to advanced levels, and students can begin the courses in the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters.
    • 20 hours of classroom instruction
    • Excursions to Chicago and other Illinois cultural and geographical sites
    • Peer mentoring programs
    • Onsite TOEFL testing 

  • Part-time ESL


    Governors State University’s ESL program welcomes undergraduate, graduate, non-degree seeking students who need additional language support through our program. Please contact the ESL department for more information regarding part-time class options at

  • 2018 Schedule


    • Spring semester: January 16 – May 3
    • Summer Semester: May 14 – August 2 
    •  Fall semester: August 27 – December 6

    For the fall and spring terms, classes meet for 15 weeks at 20-22 hours per week.

    For summer term, classes meet for 12 weeks at 25-27 hours per week.

  • Tuition


    • $5,500 per semester (including textbooks, testing, and insurance, cultural activities, access to all GSU facilities, parking, and instruction.)
    • Full or partial payment is due by the third day of the semester.
    Governors State University offers different payment plans. If you would like to establish a payment plan with Governors State University, please contact the ESL Program at Governors State University to communicate your desire to establish a payment plan or go to and schedule a payment plan online.