The Department of Occupational Therapy accepts applications to the DrOT degree program every semester. Applications are NOT being excepted at this time.

Before you begin the application process, take a moment to review the DrOT admission requirements. You must meet these requirements to be admitted to the DrOT.

You may apply to the DrOT program using the forms and resources contained on this webpage. Please read the application instructions carefully, and ensure that your application complies with all admission and application requirements.

Competitive Admission Process

DrOT applicants should note that admission to this program is competitive; only a limited number of applicants will be accepted. Your application materials will be reviewed by the Department of Occupational Therapy in the College of Health and Human Services. Depending on the Department’s initial evaluation of your application materials, you may be selected for an on-campus interview as part of the application process.

To apply to the Doctor of Occupational Therapy, follow the steps below.

Once the DrOT Practice Admission Committee has received your application package, an e-mail will be sent to you (if you have provided a valid email address on your application) acknowledging receipt. After your application is reviewed, the committee will inform you of your status.

Late applications will be placed on a waiting list and reviewed once all the applications that were received on time have been acted upon. The application process will consist of the following 10 steps:

Step 1

Obtain sealed official transcripts from the academic institutions where degrees were awarded.

Step 2

 Obtain a copy of your current occupational therapist license(s).

Step 3

Download three copies of the DrOT Applicant Recommendation Form (PDF).

Fill out the applicant section of each form. Provide one copy each to three persons who will recommend you for admission into the DrOT practice program.

IMPORTANT: One Applicant Recommendation Form must be from an employer/supervisor; one from an OT colleague; and one from a person who can attest to your scholarly potential.

The persons recommending you must complete the Recommender section of the form and provide you with the completed form. The forms must be returned to you in sealed envelopes. The Recommenders must sign the envelopes over the seals.

Step 4

Complete DrOT Application (PDF). 

Step 5

Complete the DrOT Essay Form (PDF).

Step 6

Print a copy of your resume or vita.

Step 7

Prepare a check for $75 made out to Governors State University. This is your non-refundable doctoral application fee.

Step 8

Complete the Checklist of Required Documents (PDF). This will help you to ensure that your application package is complete.

Step 9

Gather all of the documents and instruments listed in Steps 1-8, and place them in an appropriately-sized envelope. Clearly mark your return address on the envelope or label and mail with sufficient postage to:

Department of Occupational Therapy
College of Health and Human Services
Governors State University
1 University Parkway
University Park, IL 60484

Mark your envelope “Attn: Doctor of Occupational Therapy Admission Committee.”

Step 10

Congratulations! You have completed your application to the Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree program at Governors State University in 10 easy steps. We greatly appreciate your interest in our program. We will give your application our fullest consideration.