The goal of community health is to address the healthcare issues in our society. As Americans continue to live longer, the quest for a life lived well and in good health is becoming a top priority for people of all ages.

BHS in Community HealthThe Bachelor of Health Science degree in Community Health from GSU is designed to provide you with the broad-based educational background you’ll need to design and implement programs that increase the quality, availability and effectiveness of health and wellness promotions.

The goal? Improved quality of life for the community at large.

The program has a strong underpinning in cultural understanding and sensitivity, giving you the ability to appreciate and respond to cultural and community influences on health and wellness promotion.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The program is comprehensive:

  • We take you through epidemiology.
  • We teach you prevention, assessment and program development.
  • We lay the foundations for research to practice.
  • We integrate that knowledge into a thorough investigation of wellness programs, from planning to management.
  • Internships complete the program —and provide opportunities for you to concentrate your experiences.

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    After completing a 24-credit core curriculum in the major, students will have an opportunity to select a track for customization of the program: 

    Additional information is available in Current GSU Catalog.

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