Online Readiness

Online courses can be quite different from courses taken in a traditional on-ground classroom. Sometimes students are surprised to learn that they were really unprepared for the online environment. Unsure about your online course readiness?

Online Readiness Survey


Program Major:

1. I prefer to learn at my own pace and my own convenience


2. I have reasonably strong reading skills—I can read and understand college-level textbooks.


3. I have reasonably good writing skills—I can effectively communicate my ideas in writing.


4. I can follow written instructions accurately and completely.


5. I am self-motivated and can manage my time well.


6. I can type at least 30wpm accurately on a computer keyboard.


7. I have access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.


8. I am familiar with the basic functions of computers—including opening, saving, copying, and deleting files.