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Building Content Using a Learning Module
Learning Modules allow instructors to organize materials for easy access by students—instead of clicking around on menu links, the student can locate all materials needed to complete a learning unit by accessing the unit Learning Module.

A well-designed unit learning module provides students with all the materials they need to complete the teaching goals of the unit, including their reading assignments, any additional student resources (such as links to Internet or external materials), their weekly assignments and their learning assessments.  The learning module can also link to the Discussion Board, which gives students a chance to interact with their instructor and other students.  It’s a great way to organize a web-enhanced class, and an essential way to present an online class!
This workshop will cover how to set up a Learning Module in Blackboard, what elements to add to your Learning Module, and how to link items such as Discussions, Assignments, and Exams.   It will also cover Best Practices suggestions for building an Assignments page and an Assessments page.  

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