Our outstanding faculty and real-world curriculum prepare you for management and professional leadership that move organizations forward. In core business courses you will gain a strong background preparing you for your chosen field.

Foundation for Success
This is a flexible program to help you acquire an understanding of business and management theory and practice, and learn how to apply that knowledge to business and non-business organizations of any size.

Outstanding Preparation
Today’s complex, fast-paced business environment requires you to possess a wide scope of knowledge and skills. Our Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program is designed to give you a solid foundation in administrative skills and knowledge leading to a successful entry or mid-level business career.

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  • General Education Requirements


    I. General Education Requirements (40 Hours)

    Communications (9 Hours)

    Written Communication (6)
    Oral Communication (3)

    Mathematics (6 Hours)
    Applied Calculus (prereq: College Algebra)

    Social and Behavioral Science (9 Hours)
    Principles of Microeconomics (3)
    Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
    One additional non-economics social science course (3)

    Humanities and Fine Arts (9 Hours)
    One Humanities course (3)
    One Fine Arts Course (3)
    One Humanities or Fine Arts Course (3)

    Physical and Life Sciences (7 Hours)
    [One science must have a lab]
    Life Science (3-4)
    Physical Science (3-4)

  • BA in Business Administration Requirements


    Business Administration Program Requirements (42 Hours)
    ACCT 2110 Financial Accounting (3)
    ACCT 2111 Managerial Accounting (3)
    BLAW 2100 Business Law I (3)
    ECON 3404 Managerial Economics (3)
    FIN 3110 Principles of Financial Management (3)
    MGMT 2100 Introduction to Management Strategies (3)
    MGMT 3200 Business Communications (3)
    MGMT 3210 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility (3)
    MGMT 3400 Production and Operations Management (3)
    MGMT 4500 Organizational Behavior (3)
    MGMT 4600 Globalization of Business (3)
    MIS 3101 Management Information Systems (3)
    MKTG 2100 Introduction to Marketing Management (3)
    MGMT 4900 Strategic Management (capstone) (3) 

    Choose One Concentration (15-18 Hours)

    Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, or Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Note: Students must meet all university and college requirements for a bachelor’s degree as specified in the GSU catalog.

  • Choose one concentration (see below)


    A concentration is required for this program - available concentrations are below.

  • Entrepreneurship Concentration (18 hrs)


    The entrepreneurship concentration will provide you with the knowledge to start and operate your own business. You will learn what it takes to face the personal challenges that accompany entrepreneurship and how to identify, evaluate, and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities.

    ENTR 3100 Principles of Entrepreneurship (3)
    ENTR 4100 Entrepreneurial Opportunity (3)
    ENTR 4200 Entrepreneurial Accounting (3)
    ENTR 4900 Entrepreneurial Project (Capstone) (3)

    Choose two of the following courses:
    ENTR 4300 Entrepreneurial Ethics and Law (3)
    ENTR 4400 Entrepreneurial Finance (3)
    ENTR 4500 Entrepreneurial Leadership (3)
    ENTR 4600 Entrepreneurial Marketing (3)

  • Finance Concentration (15 hrs)


    The finance concentration prepares students for the challenges of leadership in business, government and industry as they relate to the functional areas of finance.

    FIN 3501 Investments (3)
    FIN 4110 Advanced Corporate Finance (3)
    FIN 4350 International Financial Management (3)
    FIN 4530 Financial Institutions and Markets (3)

    Select one of the following:
    FIN 4201 Insurance and Risk Management (3)
    FIN 4501 Financial Options and Futures (3)
    FIN 4502 Advanced Investments (3)

  • Human Resource Management Concentration (15 hrs)


    The human resource management concentration prepares students for leading both people and organizations.

    MGMT 3300 Human Resource Management (3)
    MGMT 4300 Labor Relations (3)
    MGMT 4310 Compensation & Incentive Systems (3)

    Select two of the following:
    MGMT 4330 Human Resource Training &Management Development (3)
    MGMT 4410 Quality Management (3)
    MGMT 5000 Topics in Management (3)

  • Management Concentration (15 hrs)


    The management concentration allows you flexibility in choosing which business courses will best meet your needs as a manager.

    MGMT 4300 Labor Relations (3)
    MGMT 4410 Quality Management (3) 

    Choose three CBPA courses (9 hours) with your advisor

  • Management Info Systems Concentration (18 hrs)


    The concentration in management information systems provides you with a vital link between management and technology so you can successfully manage the information systems within an organization.

    High level computer language other than BASIC (3)
    MIS 3201 Business Systems Analysis (3)
    MIS 3401 Business Information Retrieval and Database Management (3)
    MIS 3501 Microcomputer Development and Diagnosis (3)
    MIS 3601 Telecommunications and Distributed Data Systems (3)
    MIS 4999 Information Systems Project Management (3)

  • Marketing Concentration (18 hrs)


    The marketing concentration prepares you to manage the process of developing consumer audiences and moving products from producers to consumers.

    MKTG 3200 Consumer Behavior (3)
    MKTG 4200 Promotional Strategies (3)
    MKTG 4300 Marketing Research (3)
    MKTG 4400 Marketing Channel Management (3)
    MKTG 4500 Managing Market Strategies (3)
    MKTG 4600 International Marketing Strategies (3)

  • Operations and Supply Chain Mgmt Concentration (15 hrs)


    The operations and supply chain management concentration assists you in the identification, acquisition, access, positioning and management of resources that organizations require to meet their strategic goals.

    MGMT 4400 Supply Chain Management (3)
    MGMT 4410 Quality Management (3)
    MGMT 4420 Production and Inventory Control Systems (3)
    MGMT 4430 Service Operations Management (3)
    MKTG 4400 Marketing Channel Management (3)