Effective Spring 2017 -  This concentration is not accepting any new students. Students may elect to pursue the Biology, B.S. while completing coursework for teacher licensure through the Biology Education Certificate. Students currently enrolled in the BS in Biology Program can elect to complete this concentration if they apply for this concentration through their academic advisor before the end of the Spring 2017 term. See your academic advisor regarding the timeline for completion. 

Current students, please refer to the FAQ web page to learn about the "teach out" process. Please meet with your academic advisor regarding your current study plan.

The United States Department of Education, for the last six years, has pointed out a national shortage of science teachers, including biology teachers. Source: "Designated Teacher Shortage Areas," Illinois State Board of Education

Developing Expertise
As a student in GSU biology program, you will encounter the natural world, decipher its codes and understand its complexities. As a student of education, you also learn how to teach valuable skills and understanding to the next generation of scientists, researchers and environmentally aware citizens.

Outstanding Preparation
The curriculum for the undergraduate major in biology with a teacher education concentration provides you with a strong background in the basic concepts of molecular, organismic and population biology.

The sequence of coursework is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education and leads to an initial secondary certificate in biology. You can also obtain an endorsement for teaching in middle school.

To be recommended for an Illinois State Board of Education teaching certificate, you must present evidence of having passed the Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly Basic Skills), Subject Matter Knowledge and Assessment of Professional Teaching examinations of the Illinois Certification Testing System.

Program Fact Sheet