The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Sociology minor at the undergraduate level. This minor is a good fit for students majoring in other fields, but who find it helpful to master the foundational knowledge of human social lives, groups and societies to gain a deeper understanding to how society works.

Students in this minor gain knowledge and marketable skills necessary to develop solutions to real-world problems, which is an asset to any career in an increasingly global society.

Minor Requirements

I.  General Requirements

Students must meet all requirements for a minor. In addition, students must also have taken at least one introductory level sociology course with a C or higher, preferably Introduction to Sociology (IAI S7 900) or Social Problems (IAI S7 901). All required courses and selectives for the minor must be completed with a C or higher.

II.  Required Courses (12 Hours)

ANSO 4400 Theories of Social Science (3)

SOC 3100 Studies in American Society (3)

SOC 3200 Social Inequalities (3)

SOC 4100 Self and Society (3)

III.  Selectives (6 Hours)

6 hours of 3000- and/or 4000- level ANSO and/or SOC courses with advisor approval.

Total - 18 hours 

Advisor Information

Daniel Cortese
Assistant Professor