An undergraduate minor in social science - global studies is offered for students majoring in other fields. This minor is particularly appropriate for those students who anticipate significant use of the broad critical and analytical skills and understanding that global studies embodies. 

The social science minor in global studies is for those who wish to develop these additional marketable skills with the substantive fields offered.

Minor Requirements

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor. 

I.  Required Courses (15 Hours)

ANTH 3100 Trends in Cross-Cultural Analysis (3)

GEOG 4470 Human Geography (3)

HIST 4701 World History: Concepts and Interpretations (3)

POLS 3110 Transformation of the Global System (3)

SOSC 3250 International Political Economy (3) 

II.  Selective (3 Hours)

HIST 4115 Modern African History (3)

HIST 4300 Modern Middle Eastern History (3)

HIST 4340 Modern Chinese History (3)

HIST 4420 Caribbean History (3)

HIST 4470 Latin American History (3)

HIST 4670 Russia in the Twentieth Century (3) 

III.  Total Credit-hours - 18 Hours

Advisor Information

Andrae Marak
Division Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences