Welcome to Center for the Junior Year


1) Peer Mentor's Name



 2)Student's Name and ID

 3) Preferred Email


 4) Phone Number


 5) Preferred Contact Method


6) Is the Student


7) How did student find out about CJY?

8) How long has student been at GSU?

9) How many credit hours is the student enrolled in?


10) What are student's academic areas of interest?
11) What does the student do outside of school? (Job, family, sports, music)

12) What are the student's biggest perceived challenges?

13) After the meeting is over, record what the two of you discussed. Some that Starfish suggestions below?
Select All That Apply



14) How often does student plan to meet with mentor this semester?


15) Rank in order of importance what student wants from the mentoring experience?


16) When will you next meet? What "homework" does the student have? What "homework" do you have?