At Governors State University all projects involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The purpose of the IRB is to ensure the protection of human research subjects. Code of Federal Regulation Title 45, Part 46 requires that all institutions receiving federal funds and conducting research using living humans establish and operate an IRB.

All submissions, reviews and approvals are done electronically through Cayuse. Cayuse IRB is a web-based submission system that is designed to simplify the review of IRB protocols.  


  • Learn About Levels of Review and Turnaround Time


    There are three levels of IRB review: exempt, expedited, and full board.  

    • Exempt reviews are those with minimal or no risk to subjects. Applications submitted for a certification of exemption are reviewed by an IRB Analyst or one IRB member. The turnaround time for exempt reviews are 1-2 weeks.   
    • If there is minimal risk, an expedited review is required.  The review process includes the IRB chair and one additional IRB member. The turnaround time for expedited reviews are 2-4 weeks.   
    • Studies that pose greater than minimal risk to subjects are reviewed by the full board at monthly meetings. The turnaround time for full board reviews is 4-6 weeks.   
    NOTE: Submissions that are incomplete or do not adhere to IRB submission guidelines will require additional time. The additional time is not considered in the turnaround time estimate for each category. 


  • Determine if IRB Review is Required


    A study requires IRB review if it fits the federal definition of research with human subjects. In some cases, when it is not clear whether the project requires IRB review, the researcher should complete a short questionnaire in Cayuse

    If it is determined the activity does not fall within the federal definition of research with human subjects, applicants will  receive a determination letter stating the study does not require IRB review. Researchers whose studies do require IRB review will be provided instructions on how to submit an application for review. The turnaround time for such determinations is 2-4 days.  


  • Complete CITI Training


    GSU IRB requires that all prospective researchers complete training in human subjects protection. Completion of training will certify a researcher for three years and enable the researcher to apply to the IRB for approval of research protocols.

    To fulfill the IRB requirement for training in human subjects protection, researchers must complete training through the CITI Program. GSU faculty, staff and students must register with CITI using their GSU email address and affiliate with Governors State University during registration.  




  • Submit a Study for IRB Review


    All new protocols must be submitted through Cayuse. 

    All new protocols with consent documents must use this consent template: 

    The first submission always details the study protocol and represents the initial approval/exemption process. Once the Initial Submission is approved, several new submission types become open to the research team: modification, renewal, incident report, closure.  

    All modifications, renewals, incident reports, and closures must be submitted through Cayuse.   


  • IRB Guidance and FAQs

  • Board Members


    IRB Chair 

    • Giesela Grumbuch, College of Health and Human Services
    Provost Appointments 
    • Giesela Grumback, College of Health and Human Services 
    • Caron Jacobson, College of Arts and Sciences  
    • Gerald Pauling, Community Member
    • Danielle Osmelak, College of Health and Human Services   
    • Lamise Shawahin, College of Health and Human Services 
    • Chelsea Vanderpool, College of Business 
    • David Rhea, Academic Affairs
     Faculty Senate Appointments   
    • Pam Guimond, College of Arts and Sciences
    • Xiaobo She, College of Education
    • Elizabeth Sterner, University Library
    • Renee Theiss, College of Health and Human Services
    • Ting Wang, College of Business