Student Involvement

Part of the college experience in the U.S. is about being involved on campus. There are various clubs that students can join whether they are looking for a leadership role, want to make new friends or want to be part of a group and make a difference. 

The student club that works closest with OIS is the International Culture Organization (ICO). This student club's mission is to celebrate the multiple cultures that are represented at GSU but also to bridge the gap between the cultural diversity. ICO hosts a campus-wide Multicultural Fashion Show each year and participates in various fundraising opportunities. 

Being part of ICO will allow you to interact with students from various countries, build your intercultural skills and dispel stereotypes. If you want to be part of ICO, find them on Jaguar Connection or Facebook!

Check out other clubs and activities on the Student Life website where you can also learn how to start a club of your own.